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The Zombies are Coming and You Can Stop Them

The Zombie apocalypse is now and you and your guests must defend yourself. CNY Attractions has created a unique new attraction utilizing our high-tech laser tag equipment.  Zombies events are hot! With the success of AMC's The Walking Dead and popular movies like Zombieland, the living dead are more popular now than ever.

You can bring our exciting Zombie Tag attraction to your next event and show your guests a frighteningly good time.  Zombies wear sensors which your players can tag and there are several different ways we can play zombie tag.

CNY Attractions can provide Zombie actors for your event (additional charge) or you enlist volunteers to be Zombies during the event (recommended). We will bring in a makeup artist and Zombie costumes to the event.

GAME SCENARIO #1: A variation of our most popular game, Domination. We have two teams completing to knock out the opposing team members while controlling the domination point we place in the field longer than the other team. But there is a twist... Zombies are all over the playing field and if you get too close to one, they knock you out of the game! Players are given limited amo and limited lives but are able to reload their taggers and re-spawn to enter the game once they are knocked out.

GAME SCENARIO #2: The game is named Team Death Match. Two teams complete to completely eliminate the other team. Players get many lives, lots of amo however, once they lose their lives they are out of the game. In addition, the zombies are in the playing field eliminating players they come in contact with.

GAME SCENARIO #3 (for venues with limited space): Exclusive to CNY Attractions! This is the only mobile Zombie Tag Shack in the World! We made this unique attraction to create an exciting laser tag game that can fit in a small area (approximately 20' x 20'). This allows you to bring laser tag to almost any event. Zombie Tag is unique because of our shack. Our wooden shack contains four walls made with Velcro planks. The Zombies will destroy the shack during each team's game by ripping down the walls. Players can spend their time rebuilding the shack or searching for extra ammo. If the Zombies destroy a full wall, they can get into the shack and the team's game is over!
To play Zombie tag, players form teams of up to 4 players. Each team gets to defend a shack from repeated Zombie attacks. Your goal is to shoot the Zombies. Once the Zombies break in, the timer stops. The team that survives the longest wins.  Teams have limited ammo with their high-tech laser guns to fight the Zombies. Teams can repair their shack or search for extra ammo between waves of Zombies.

We can set up Zombie Tag in a 20' x 20' space. With our inflatable tent, we can run Zombie Tag almost anywhere.

Due to the extreme nature of this game, it is recommended for twelve and older.
Set up for Zombie Tag is longer than regular laser tag. Please expect 2.5 hours for setup and teardown.
Electricity is required during the game (regular 110-volt plug/15 or 20 amp circuit).
For outdoor and indoor events with at least 15 foot ceilings, we can bring our inflatable Zombie tent.

Can you stop the zombies?