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Let us help your event be the one that gets remembered!  Our professional, friendly and courteous staff is dedicated to helping make memories. Contact us for photo booth rentals, event planning services, escape rooms, laser tag and inflatables.  We will bring the fun to you!

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Are you ready for an arcade experience like no other?  Up to 8 players can race at a time in this sit down racing simulator featuring the latest technology to make every second as realistic as possible.  We've taken high end force-feedback racing wheels attached them to 35" HD monitors, top of the line video game systems and our custom racing cockpits.  Add it all together and each driver feels like they are actually at the track racing at 200mph!

X-Treme Racing is a great way to bring out the competitive nature of your guests.  From a crowd of 1000 to a group of 10 or anywhere in between, we'll organize everything and crown the winner of every race!

The simulator can be set up as a 4-seat attraction or an 8-seat attraction. The 4-seat setup requires 10' x 20' of space and can accommodate up to 50 racers an hour.  The 8-seat version requires 20' x 20' of space and can accommodate up to 100 racers an hour.

Realistic Racing Experience Formula 1 or Dirt Track

X-Treme Racing Simulator