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Let us help your event be the one that gets remembered!  Our professional, friendly and courteous staff is dedicated to helping make memories. Contact us for photo booth rentals, event planning services, escape rooms, laser tag and inflatables.  We will bring the fun to you!

Your Event To Your Liking... Only With CNY Attractions


CNY Attractions and one of our trusted partners offers you the same high quality sword fighting ring found in the most popular Renaissance Festivals for your next event or party.  Our sword fighting team has over two decades experience operating at fairs with a great safety record and an even better record for excitement. 

Participants put on our fighting armor with three balloons attached to the shoulders and head. The objective is to pop your opponent's balloons before he (or she) gets yours. This unique attraction works well indoors or out. It's ideal for a tournament or for walk-up fun. The attraction fits well for a medieval, Renaissance or pirate themed event...or just for fun any time. Limited availability in April-October due to Renaissance Faire schedule. Book early to reserve your spot!

Costumed Referees

Add to the flavor of your event. Our referees are battle-ready in their kilt & renaissance costume.

Heavy Duty Black Leather Safety Armor

Safety is always first with our sword fighting. Each participant begins by wearing our heavy duty black leather armor which covers the body, arms, upper legs and neck. A fencing mask protects the face and heavy duty leather gloves cover the hands. We have many different sizes of gear to protect combatants of all ages and sizes.

Safe Fiberglass "Swords"

Metal hurts. Our fiberglass swords can take hours and hours of hacking and slashing without breaking. You get all of the fun of real sword play without the danger caused by using true metal swords. As an added bonus, our orange colored fiberglass swords make it easy to watch players slashing.

Safety Fencing & Fighting Ring

We'll set up a two layer safety ring to keep fighters in and spectators out. Our rope and fencing will place a 3-foot barrier between the audience and the warriors.

Biodegradable Target Balloons

Even the Renaissance can be environmentally friendly. Our target balloons are made with corn starch and are completely biodegradable.

From the Renaissance Festival to Your Event!