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Let us help your event be the one that gets remembered!  Our professional, friendly and courteous staff is dedicated to helping make memories. Contact us for photo booth rentals, event planning services, escape rooms, laser tag and inflatables.  We will bring the fun to you!

Your Event To Your Liking... Only With CNY Attractions


Imagine this... your location transformed into an action packed LASER TAG arena, complete with realistic weapons, lighting, music and camo obstacles. CNY Attractions can make this into a reality for your event! Contact us at 607-316-2237 to learn more. We are based in Central NY and travel all over the East Coast!

Here's some of what makes our laser tag gear unique:

  • Red dot scopes on every laser tag gun
  • Realistic weight, look and feel
  • Multiple sound effects let you know when you're hit and when you tag an opponent
  • Ranges of up to 300 yards
  • Single shot, burst shot or full auto
  • Adjustable stocks

The equipment allows you to play team games and scenario games. We have flags, obstacles, medic and ammo centers. There is no limit to the unique games we can play.

The Domination Box - Our most popular game

We are always looking for ways to make mobile laser tag even more exciting and more like the video games you love like Call or Duty. Our latest addition is the Domination Box.

This exciting new prop recreates domination-style king of the hill games in an electronic box. The box starts the game controlled by nobody. When you team reaches the box, you can hold down your team button and change the color to your team's color.

Now you need spread out to defend the box. The other team can come and steal the box and began earning points for their team.

The game is over when the maximum points are reached. We can play 5-10 minute games with the Domination Box.

Laser Tag

Our equipment gives you the flexibility to bring laser tag anywhere. Our arena obstacles can be positioned outdoors or indoors in large areas like gymnasiums. We can easily fill an area as large as 6000 square feet with over 40 light-weight obstacles. We can also bring lights and a sound system for a small additional charge.

You're not limited to playing laser tag at night any more. The professional grade equipment used by CNY Attractions allows for play during the day, night or anywhere in between. We can even adjust the power level of the equipment so the game is fun and challenging.